A dedicated group of costumed characters, whose main goal is to interact with the public, spread smiles and invoke laughter. We are a non profit improv organization. We are MA Furs.

And now to start up the 2014 season of public suiting! With the warm weather it’s time to get back out. We started the year off with some more suiting at Marina Bay. Again it was a great reception with some wonderful moments and interactions with the public! This occurred in May 2014.

Suiters: Fenrir, Gale Frostbane, Moxxie, Fusion Wolf

Another amazing outing at Marina Bay. This time we were invited up to a baby shower, where the suiters got to interact with all the guests and have a great time. The party goers adored us and the proud mother was so happy we made her baby’s party so special. This was back in October 2014.

Suiters: Fenrir, Nexus (worn by Kota), Reyn Dog, Lwhekk

A public suiting outing down to Plymouth, MA to visit the Mayflower ship! This was a lovely outing, though due to the lack of a handler these were the only photos. This was back in November 2013.

Suiters: Cyan Crux, Gale Frostbane

Another awesome public outing at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. We got to meet the property manager and had a very fun time. This was back in September 2013. 

Suiters: Sadie, Fusion Wolf, Kivu, Gale Frostbane

A very fun and unique public outing for the Provincetown Carnival Pride Parade. This was back in August 2013.

Suiters: Fusion Wolf, Gale Frostbane, Fenrir, Aoi, Kivu, Kairoo, Dash, Cyan Crux, Firefox

Pictures thanks to Dan McKeon on Facebook

Our first public outing at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. We had a very warm reception! This was back in July 2013.

Suiters: Kivu, Fusion Wolf, Gale Frostbane

Our first public outing at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. We had a very warm reception! This was back in July 2013.

Suiters: Kivu, Fusion Wolf, Gale Frostbane

We are MA Furs

This is Gale Frostbane, writing on behalf of the MA Furs. I have been in the fandom since January 2011 and ever since I joined it was been a roller coaster ride of excitement. When I got my suit of Gale Frostbane in October 2011 I was enthralled with the idea of performing and entertaining. I had been the mascot at the University of Vermont since my freshman year (Sept 2009) and so the concept of performing in a big animal costume was not new to me.

I have always adored children, and have worked with them since I was in highschool. I have worked with special needs children, as well as severely mentally handicapped children and physically handicapped children. Something I noticed, was that no matter what, every child had a magical way of making me smile. It was as if something in the core being of a child was made to provoke smiles from other children and adults. This fascinated me, as I have always found the power of a smile to be stunning.

We live in a world full of depressing, violent and hateful things, where the news focuses on the negativity all too often. So why is it that we don’t just focus on the good and the positive. And who’d have thunk, that I’d find the power to make folks smile, by donning an animal costume, putting on a show, and sweating out my weight in water every time.

With the combination of mascoting at the college level and having my own person character costume, I could go out and make people laugh and smile whenever I wanted. I will tell you folks, the addiction of entertainment is real and I was in deep! For me, making other happy made me happy, so this was a perfect little hobby!

Gale is a playful character, with her backstory being that she was just a silly ditzy college aged saber tooth gal. She’s fun and spunky, and young at heart, so she was a great match for public performances, as people could connect to her and have fun!

Of course I wasn’t going to go at this alone! Luckily when I was up in Vermont I found good friends that also had personal character costumes and had an interest in performing in the public. I would say my biggest “partner in crime” whilst I was in VT was a young guy who went by the name, Apo Fox. Apo and Gale would run around in Downtown Burlington, often joined by other performers, and man would it be fun. The amount of hilarious encounters, photos and hugs were unreal! I must have gone out in public for performances 50 times when I was in VT.

But in May 2013, after four years of working hard for an Environmental Engineering degree, I graduated from UVM and bid my VT performer friends farewell as I returned to my hometown and true love, Boston Massachusetts.

Here in MA I worked hand in hand with Fusion Wolf, and I had since Fall 2011, at organizing meets and outings. But in 2013 was when we started getting serious about getting out in public. Fusion received his suit in July 2013 and so we quickly started organizing events to get out into the public that summer.

Now, in October 2013, we have participated in the Provincetown Carnival Pride Parade, visited Marina Bay in Quincy five times, and done small outings at other locations all over New England.

So here we are today, when I decided we should make a Tumblr, so we can share all our pictures from these outings and bring to you the joy of a smile. You’ll see our fuzzy faces all over New England, and trust me, groups of like minded costumed entertainers exist all over this wonderful country. If you ever see us, come on up and give us a high five or a hug! And don’t forget to smile.


Gale Frostbane

Founder of MA Furs, a Non-Profit Improv Costumed Character Group